Faerie Spirit Gathering
Experiential Mystical
Epic Shamanic Proportions

  Gathering ~ Guidelines for Being Together

Chem-Free Gatherette

We encourage participants to experience this Gatherette as a chemical-free experience.

While we honor and respect the sacred use of entheogens (sacred plants) in a ceremonial manner, and within the shamanic context of the cultures they come from (peyote, ayahuasca, yage, ebene, etc.), we feel there is a difference between using entheogens within sacred space and using them casually, as recreational drugs. We know that entheogens can open many doors. We also know that, once the doors have been opened, and the individual has found their way there, that using the entheogens may no longer be necessary. Once the doors have been found, we can find our way there under our own power. From our own experience we also know that many states of being, consciousness and ecstasy are available to everyone, using ecstatic techniques such as drumming, dancing, ritual, breathwork, etc. We will be exploring many of these paths as workshops during this Gatherette.

We encourage everyone participating in the Gatherette to explore the possibility that we can all travel to the Otherworlds under our own power, without the use of chemicals. We also encourage participants to experience the clarity of consciousness of the shaman, the crystalline mind of the traveller between worlds, by choosing to be recreationally chem-free for the duration of the Gatherette.

Unwelcome Behaviours

The following behaviors have been identified as unwelcome at the Sanctuary at any time:

  • Firearms - Possession of any kind of gun at the Sanctuary is unacceptable. Guns are dangerous and unnecessary at Kawashaway. Hunting is not allowed at Kawashaway. Toy guns are discouraged.
  • Violence - Physically striking or in any way assaulting people or things (other than your own possessions) is unacceptable. The following are also considered violent: intimidation; stalking; defacing or destroying objects, nonconsensual sexual behavior; verbal, sexual, and emotional abuse. Violence is not tolerated against plants, animals, facilities, or the land. Consensual S&M activity should not be construed as violent.
  • Theft - Taking things that belong to others, or which belong at the Sanctuary, is not acceptable. If you want something, ask; anything else is dishonest and disrespectful.
  • Fires - Forest fire is a danger anywhere in the Northwoods. Fires are only permitted in designated places. Open fires are not allowed at campsites.