Faerie Spirit Gathering
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  Experiential ~ How can I participate? How can I contribute?

Day By Day

A smoothly functioning gathering takes work - before, during and afterwards. You can expect to spend an hour or two each day, taking care of things other than your faerie self. It could be preparing dinner or washing dishes, building a fire, running a workshop or emcee'ing an event.

The more experienced help the less experienced learn how things get done. When all are aware that there's water to be pumped and carried, onions and wood to be chopped, and songs to be sung for the pumpers and choppers, the basic needs of all gathering-goers can be met in a spirit of playful cooperation.

There will be plenty of wholesome foodstuffs available. Food is covered by the registration fees you pay. Once there, everyone pitches in to help prepare vegetarian meals and to clean up. Feel free to supplement your diet in any way you need, however, refrigeration is extremely limited. Priority is given to medications and perishable food purchased by and for the gathering.


This gatherette has ambitious goals for offering classes, events and activities. If you want to offer yoga, meditations, joyful eruptions of song, guided walks in the woods, a sweat lodge or any other activity that you find calling you – answer that calling! We seek to draw on our own communities for teaching, sharing, and playing.

Please fill out this form to let us know of your possible offerings and to be listed on the journey page.


Rituals honoring the sacred aspects of life are to be expected and encouraged at the Faerie Spirit Gathering. Come prepared to create rituals for yourself and others. This is a time to celebrate the spiritual side of your being - so, bring the tools and ideas that will create those special celebrations.


Wednesday and Thursday May 26-27, and Tuesday June 1 are setup and cleanup days. The Northwoods Radical Faeries will also be preparing Kawashaway for her warmer season on the weekend before the Faerie Spirit Gathering starts. A few fae helping hands are greatly encouraged. Please let us know on the registration form if you would like to arrive early or stay on to help.


Working magik , playing, being, even napping all use up a body's energy. We will be offering tasty nutritious vegetarian food at gathering. Before the gathering we are asking for help planning and ordering food.

Each gathering meal calls for Mom (that's you volunteering, dearie) plus a few choppers/stirrers. Please plan to assist with at least one meal. If you are willing to Mom a meal let us know on the registration form.

A smoothly unfolding gathering runs on its pantry. We are seeking a Pantry Diva who will (with some helpers) be setting up the pantry on site and coordinating pantry supplies with all the meal Mom's. Being Pantry Diva at gathering bestows huge Karma points (and may earn a scholarship) so please consider this vital supporting function.


As an experiential gathering, YOUR attendance is what makes this experience all the more rich for each of us. Your beautiful self, no matter what level of previous fae/magik/spiritual experience, is welcome.

We hope you can be present for the full arc of the gatherette, but we do understand that late arrivals or early departures may have to happen to meet your needs. Please be aware that Kawashaway will not be a ‘closed space' during this gathering (i.e., neighbors and friends may drop by visitin').

Register, Register, please pre-Register

We've said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating. We are counting on your pre-registration to be able to plan events and buy enough nutritious vegetarian ingredients for us all. If you need to pay later, or make special financial arrangements, that's just fine – and please pre-register anyway!


Limited scholarships may be available, and work trade opportunities in the kitchen, registration, or in exchange for workshop facilitation may be arranged. If you are attending and can add a few dollars at registration for scholarships, shiny blessings will be yours!

Spread the Word

The call is like an echoing YooHoo… so please pass our website info to folks you think may want to hear the call to magik, play and exploration.