Faerie Spirit Gathering
Experiential Mystical
Epic Shamanic Proportions

  Faerie ~ The Calling

You Are Invited

You are invited to join with your fae sista-bruthas in a co-creative gatherette with a spiritual / ritual / magikal focus. Our vision is for a long weekend of sharing magikal practice; raising, moving and working with energies; dancing, singing, drumming and music making. As gathering goers, we co-create heart centered space for ritual honoring, exploring and growing into our talents.

We are calling for faeries and faerie-friendlies, regardless of gender, color, age, or sexual orientation, to come to Kawashaway (an Ojibwa word said to mean "a spirit land - no place between"). This sanctuary space bridges the spiritual and physical worlds a place where bodies and spirits meet and commingle.

As an experiential mystical event, teaching/workshops/event leading is offered by fellow gathering goers. If you feel called to lead or facilitate a class or event, please contact us or make plans to offer your gift at gathering. We welcome participation from the near and far, with particularly keen anticipation of fostering deeper connections in and with the upper midwest bio-region.

In a spirit of respect for the peace and sanctity of both individuals and the community, we're inviting you to experience a chemical-free environment. Sorry, we can't invite your pets to this Gathering.

Our heavily wooded Sanctuary, on a small beaver-habitat lake in the Superior National Forest, is a wild and rustic land. Our vision since 1989 has been to preserve the Sanctuary land and water as a safe place - apart from yet very connected to the wider world - as a place of emotional and spiritual well-being for loving, healing, playing, and working together in cooperation, as a community of kindred fae souls.

Who's Hostessing?

Three faeries strongly connected to the greater Kawashaway and Northwoods Radical Faerie community ventured together to the Shamanic Gathering at Zuni Mountain Sanctuary in 2003. We all three had deep and lasting experiences there, and wanted to alight such energies in our homeland. While we in no way are attempting to duplicate the Shamanic Gathering, we are greatly inspired by it. Oh, and our names are White Dragon, E!ureka, and White Ash. All of the fabulous artwork on this website comes from the Dragon, while E! compiled and wrote the majority of the content (which has many ancestors), and Ms. Ash waved the web design wand. The Kawashaway Stewards, who lovingly care for our lady Kawashaway, have not only agreed to this special gathering on the land, but have also generously appropriated seed monies for the event, for which we are deeply grateful. And Kawashaway herself extends her arms to embrace you for the journey.

The Gods Smile Down on Pre-Registration

Please pre-register at your earliest convenience online. Info on non-electronic registration is also available on the same page. Can't pay now? The planners would prefer that you register now anyways rather than later for, well, planning purposes.